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Alan offers hilarious advice about what to expect when she's expecting in
alan_book.gif (92652 bytes) Pregnancy is one of the most thrilling and emotional of events for men (oh yeah, and for women too.) In addition to the excitement, there's the stress of choosing a doctor, buying baby stuff (and figuring out how to pay for it), and arguing over names, not to mention coping with morning sickness, in-laws, mood swings, and sex (meaning the gender of the baby-you'll have to give up the other kind).

But never fear: beloved TV dad Alan Thicke is her to help. HOW MEN HAVE BABIES: THE PREGNANT FATHER'S SURVIVAL GUIDE, gathers his personal anecdotes along with those of birth classmates and celebrity friend (including Dave Barry, Kathie Lee Gifford, Cuba Gooding Jr., Wayne Gretzky, Bill Maher, Howie Mandel, Joan Rivers, Ray Romano, Barry Gibb and Vanna White) to guide men on the rocky path through pregnanthood.

HOW MEN HAVE BABIES gives you the lowdown straight from the prenatal trenches including:

Conception- That Deserves a Standing Ovulation

Womb Envy- Accepting the fact that the pop-to-be ranks about 10th on the priority list, right below the nursery decorator.

Recreational Sex vs. Procreational Sex- The heat is on!

Decisions, Decisions- Should you choose Marcus Welby type obstetrician or the one who offers validated parking?

Birth Class- More than you ever wanted to know about uteruses, mucus, and other yucky topics.

The Big Day- Its the bottom of the ninth, the shot clock is running down, and you're running toward the end zone.

In addition to uproarious anecdotes by Ray Romano, Howie Mandel, Cube Gooding Jr., Dave Barry, and other celebrities parents, HOW MEN HAVE BABIES offers real-life advice and expert opinion on the good (Breasts), the bad (Hormones) and the ugly (Can you say birth canal?) of pregnancy from a man's point of view.


Alan Thicke is a seven-time Emmy Award-nominated actor and writer and a Golden Globe nominee for his role as psychiatrist Jason Sever on Growing Pains. In Canada he authored a nationally syndicated humor column and hosted the hit talk variety series THE ALAN THICKE SHOW, and the late-night Thicke of the Night in the U.S. In 1998 he made his Broadway debut in the Tony Award winning Chicago-The Musical. He has been honored as Father of the Year by numerous family oriented charities, and his proudest productions are his three sons.

Look for HOW MEN HAVE BABIES by Alan Thicke starting in mid May. Also available by Audio Partners is HOW MEN HAVE BABIES on tape told by the author himself.

For exact release date check with your local bookstore, each store may have it available at different times.  To help make this hilarious book a best seller for Alan we need to make sure we purchase a copy at your local bookstore. (Discount stores do not count toward making the book a best seller)

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